Sunday, October 16, 2011


Not too long ago I purchased my awesome friend Beanie's nail polish collection.
I'm sooo in love~
Disclosure: Please excuse my shitty pictures. I lost the charger to my camera and it's very hard to get good quality with my phone camera X_X

(L-R) Are you Yellow-ous?, Blue Sangwich, Purple Nerple, Las Vegas Watermelon.
 Are you Yellow-ous? (2 coats)
It's such a cute spring-ish yellow. 
 Blue Sangwich (2 coats)
My favorite by far, although I'm just being bias cause blue is my favorite color, haha.
Purple Nerple (4 coats)
I've never been too much of a purple person, but this totally changes that for me.
 And last but not least:
Las Vegas Watermelon (2 coats)
This one would have been fine with just one coat even. Went on so smoothly and looked amazing, the name really says it all.

(L-R) Are you Yellow-ous?, Blue Sangwich, Purple Nerple, Las Vegas Watermelon. 
Overall, I'm extremely pleased.
If you're interested check out her blog, you won't be disappointed!


  1. oh my goooooooooood! that pink one looks so good on you! and the purple! and blue and yellow :D you and your stupid awesome nails :'{ lolol.

  2. I have these, too--must try them very soon!