Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bath and Body Works Room Spray review.

I've had these for over a year, and now is when I start to use them. I am amazed with how concentrated the smell is, and how it seriously destroys all the bad odors in a room.

Let's begin with a story:
Last year I went camping, and while we in the spring, a foul odor hit us: a dead beaver floating near. I cannot even describe how terrible that smell was, but I smelled it again tonight, in my bathroom. It seems a shammy I had thrown into a bucket of water had just rotted away, lol.
I tried so many sprays to make that smell go away, and nothing worked. But these room sprays did. I'm so happy I bought them.

Cost:$5 for a 1.5oz bottle.
Usage: It says on the label to spray twice, but I felt with one it's more than enough.
Scents: They have a lot of different scents, but the ones I bought were Moonlight Path, Black Amethyst, and Summer Melon.
*Moonlight Path is a very strong, romantic [idk how else to describe it, lol] smell.
*Black Amethyst is also very strong and overwhelming at first.
*Summer Melon is probably my favorite. It's a very summer-y [hence the name] scent.

Have you guys tried these? If so, what is your favorite.

~~Thanks for reading~~

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  1. Awww. Unfortunately, not available here in Philippines.