Tuesday, October 4, 2011

~giveaway from Frazzle and Aniploish~

I've been a little lost. SUPER busy with school and work and trying to make my purse, lol.. I'm not much of a sewer. i had a ton of pictures I wanted to post up, but unfortunately for some reason they aren't sending from my phone to my email.

However, I will post this:
It's my cute bf making me a necklace, haha. He'd probably kill me if he saw this xD
I loove this picture. It was taken at our old house, before we moved ;-;

Anywayss~ I mainly wanted to update to mention I entered a new contest.
Frazzle and aniploish has an awesome giveaway right now, and I'm super excited :3
Totally check out her blog. I have not been able to stop reading it.



  1. lolol! omg he looks so into it! you should post up a pic of how his necklace came out!

  2. RIGHT! he was arguing with me that he was a better crafter. I must say though, for his first time, he did awesome. haha